Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is a bitch

Which pretty much sums up my day... I have been hearing lots about how life is what you make of it. The sun'll come out tomorrow, put a smile on your dial... I can now safely say that they are all idiots, and you can smile and be as happy as you want to be but at the end of the life is still shit!

Whats that? Why you ask? well, lets start with the stupid idea of working for a living, add on top of that having to come home at the age of 23 to a menopausal mother, three self obsessed and absolutely useless when it comes to cleaning, or doing anything around the house siblings, a dog and a cat with abandonment issues.

Then to ice this cake lets add the fact that I just broke my $23,500 brand spanking new car!!!

I hate my life!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work is Fun

Attention all, Hell hath officially frozen over...

Yes thats right Davo got a job!!! 16 months after finishing school, 15 months and 29 days of sitting around playing computer/ watching tv/ doing god knows what he has finally bitten the bullet and got a job working with boof (the older one) The apocolypse is surely coming so batten down the hatches.

In other news, I think they're breeding:

Meet Stanley:
He's my new found friend. Good lord I hope my music career kicks off, otherwise I just wasted another couple of hundred... *Sighs* but its worth it cause he's beautiful...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confirmation Gal

Work is beginning to be a bitch again, so postings slow, sorry...

Two things:

1) The other day at Reception, a guy came in and said

"we are giving away free coffee to all the real estate agents around the area who let us put up this promotional sticker on their window, for our new real estate website"

Now my boss has a strict policy when it comes to stickers on the windows, it runs along the lines of him throwing bricks with our stickers on them through their windows, but as usual the boys were late and there was no one to know, and hell free coffee!!!

So I said ok, ladies and gents say hello to the next six months of coffee!!!!

2) It was my cousin Gab's confirmation last night (It's a church thing) and she asked me to be her sponser, which was so cute, for one night I felt all responsible and stuff...

Then I hung out with her little sister, not so responsibly :)