Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I have To Do To Keep This Job...

Okay just kidding!!!
Staff Photo Day, don't you love it?
No matter how much you pay for hair, make up,
coffee the photo gods always seem to frown at you!
I wish I was Angelina Jolie, She never has a bad work photo :(

Would you buy a house from this face?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Swear I Didn't Do It!

I was babysitting the other day, See me, baby, very cute...
And she was relatively well behaved, a few little tantrums but she's so cute she can get away with it. That and the fact that I am very good at tuning out noise I don't want to hear...

In fact the only down point of the day was when the mum arrived. She was late as usual, I had a guitar lesson to get to and instead of collecting her kid and going on her way, she decided to sit and eat lunch, and argue over why she should put the car seat in her car, and then mess around looking for car keys etc... She's my best friend in the whole world but sometimes I just wanna shake her!

Anyway the reason why I tell you this story of babysitting madness, is really just to assure you that I was far too busy chasing after almost three year olds, to stage this next photo.

In between playing dress up, and potty training, we decided we were thirsty and headed over to the kitchen for some water and lo and behold what do we spy?

That would be Oscar sitting in our wok, trying to cool down, what a tool.
Chinese for dinner anyone?