Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Just In

Classical Gas is done and learned, well kinda, we've gone through the whole song, and I can play MOST of it without stuff ups but of course it wouldn't be my rock n roll if there weren't a few stuff ups in there... it's such an awesome song, and surprisingly easy, same riffs repeated, again and again and again.

So we've moved on to Sweet Home Alabama, which has one of the best opening riffs in Rock and Roll. So watch out people I'm on my way to the nearest MTV studios!

On a side note, I started a quick side project yesterday and I was bored today so I finished it:

Really easy to knit patterns available here oh hey I forget if I mentioned I'm on ravelry now so if you're on add me as a friend and we can share project ideas and good yarn stores.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Isn't it meant to be better now?

I've had a crap day, seem to be a lot of those lately anyway I was reading the local blogs and this one just stuck with me so I thought rather then write my own, I'd let her say it for me, she's much more poetic then I feel up to right now

And I'm done...night

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey long time! Good news, is that spring is finally here, well and truly, sweltering hot/humid days that turn into freezing cold winds and rain, love it!

In other news, the receptionist resigned from work today, well she'll be finishing up on Tuesday but she's given her notice, its official) I don't know whether to jumpf or joy, or start screaming... I'm going back to reception, which is good because less stress and way WAY less responsibility. But at the same time, I've been looking for a new job myself, because I hate it so much. So know what do I do? stay, go? Does it make a difference, work is work...

Speaking of work, had my guitar lesson today, we've just started learning one of the best ever songs written for guitar:

For those poor few of you who don't know click here *Sighs* if only I were that good lol, then I could quit my job and start touring rofl...

And in the mean time the only other news I have is the Seacell Lace weight scarf I've been working on seen here:
more details on my ravelry page just follow the links, alright, boys and girls, I'm outta here be good.