Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love Christmas. I love the chance to dress up, and shower people with presents, and the thought of a table covered in food that I've slaved away at to prepare surrounded by people that make up my life.

And I can proudly say that I was so organised this Christmas that I finished my prezzie shopping last weekend! No last second mad dash through thousands of equally crazed last minute shoppers (p.s. people who are not my people are stupid this time of year {present company excluded})

Although my brilliant idea of knitting everyone Christmas presents failed miserably. I managed to churn out two hats and one sock (thats right I couldn't be bothered finishing the pair bite me)

Anyways long story short I love Christmas, and I'm blaming my love for this festive season for the lack of postage on this here blog. And warning there probably won't be much activity until after Christmas either, what with my having a life and all :)

Alright have a great holiday season all and make it safe, If you're going to drink make sure you drink so much that you pass out at your friends place instead of driving home.

Friday, November 14, 2008

There's Something in the Air...

So Davo got a new tat the other day see =
Very sexy, you can't see it very well but its a wolf howling at the moon with obviously some tribal borders... And Gemma is now really keen to get her dragon tat, and I still want another one, once I've saved up more.

In other news I have a job interview on Tuesday. Now people who don't know me might see me as a competent, smart, professional kinda woman.
Everyone who does know me pick yourselves up off the floor and stop laughing.

I applied for the job on Thursday, got the call back on Thursday afternoon. Friday I was buzzing waiting for Tuesday so I could wow them with how perfect I'd be at this job. By Friday afternoon, I was sure that this was the worst possible job that I could possibly get, sure that i'd never like it, sure that the money cut in pay would be grossly overwhelming, absolutely positive that I would be a drooling jittering wreck by the end of my first week. Now I've practically convinced myself not to even bother turning up to the interview. Why waste everyones time here?

Lol, I'm so self-sabotaguing at times it's scary. Maybe I should see someone about that. Anyway, I think I'm going to go to the interview. Be honest about my concerns, and see what they say, they don't give me the job no big I've already got one.

If they do and are happy to negotiate things I'd be happy to go. We'll just see, it won't kill anyone to go right? Worst of all it's at a yarn store! You'd think I'd be jumpin for it.

Speaking of yarn I signed up for the southern summer of socks this year. A whole summer of hand knit socks, how brilliant. I have been stockpiling for a couple of weeks, I think I might have a problem :)

Theres enough yarn there for thirteen socks plus left overs, I doubt I'll get that many done, unless the boys finally let me knit at reception. I don't see why not it would help create a comfy and homey atmosphere and would be so much easier to get people to buy houses off us. We could even make it a reward thing, but a house get free socks, okay maybe not cause I tend to hoard my knitted goods worse then wool.

Anyway, I've got some knitting to do so catch ya later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank God For Democracy

Being an avid fan of The West Wing, and knowing as much as I do about American Politics (lol)
I have to say I am really excited that Obama won. He'll be a breath of fresh air to the somewhat staggering America. Yay him...

But I have to admit, with all the speeches, and news reels, and pictures, and rumors, and policy plans etc (etc, etc... damn those politicians know how to make a point) My turning point in this whole things was definately this, seriously check it out.

Who could not vote for a guy willing to hold some crazy ladies half knitted sock!!! God bless knitters, we're all loons.

The only exciting news is my new pretty:

I love tat's I'm already planning the next one but you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Peace Out


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Just In

Classical Gas is done and learned, well kinda, we've gone through the whole song, and I can play MOST of it without stuff ups but of course it wouldn't be my rock n roll if there weren't a few stuff ups in there... it's such an awesome song, and surprisingly easy, same riffs repeated, again and again and again.

So we've moved on to Sweet Home Alabama, which has one of the best opening riffs in Rock and Roll. So watch out people I'm on my way to the nearest MTV studios!

On a side note, I started a quick side project yesterday and I was bored today so I finished it:

Really easy to knit patterns available here oh hey I forget if I mentioned I'm on ravelry now so if you're on add me as a friend and we can share project ideas and good yarn stores.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Isn't it meant to be better now?

I've had a crap day, seem to be a lot of those lately anyway I was reading the local blogs and this one just stuck with me so I thought rather then write my own, I'd let her say it for me, she's much more poetic then I feel up to right now

And I'm done...night

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey long time! Good news, is that spring is finally here, well and truly, sweltering hot/humid days that turn into freezing cold winds and rain, love it!

In other news, the receptionist resigned from work today, well she'll be finishing up on Tuesday but she's given her notice, its official) I don't know whether to jumpf or joy, or start screaming... I'm going back to reception, which is good because less stress and way WAY less responsibility. But at the same time, I've been looking for a new job myself, because I hate it so much. So know what do I do? stay, go? Does it make a difference, work is work...

Speaking of work, had my guitar lesson today, we've just started learning one of the best ever songs written for guitar:

For those poor few of you who don't know click here *Sighs* if only I were that good lol, then I could quit my job and start touring rofl...

And in the mean time the only other news I have is the Seacell Lace weight scarf I've been working on seen here:
more details on my ravelry page just follow the links, alright, boys and girls, I'm outta here be good.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is a bitch

Which pretty much sums up my day... I have been hearing lots about how life is what you make of it. The sun'll come out tomorrow, put a smile on your dial... I can now safely say that they are all idiots, and you can smile and be as happy as you want to be but at the end of the life is still shit!

Whats that? Why you ask? well, lets start with the stupid idea of working for a living, add on top of that having to come home at the age of 23 to a menopausal mother, three self obsessed and absolutely useless when it comes to cleaning, or doing anything around the house siblings, a dog and a cat with abandonment issues.

Then to ice this cake lets add the fact that I just broke my $23,500 brand spanking new car!!!

I hate my life!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work is Fun

Attention all, Hell hath officially frozen over...

Yes thats right Davo got a job!!! 16 months after finishing school, 15 months and 29 days of sitting around playing computer/ watching tv/ doing god knows what he has finally bitten the bullet and got a job working with boof (the older one) The apocolypse is surely coming so batten down the hatches.

In other news, I think they're breeding:

Meet Stanley:
He's my new found friend. Good lord I hope my music career kicks off, otherwise I just wasted another couple of hundred... *Sighs* but its worth it cause he's beautiful...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confirmation Gal

Work is beginning to be a bitch again, so postings slow, sorry...

Two things:

1) The other day at Reception, a guy came in and said

"we are giving away free coffee to all the real estate agents around the area who let us put up this promotional sticker on their window, for our new real estate website"

Now my boss has a strict policy when it comes to stickers on the windows, it runs along the lines of him throwing bricks with our stickers on them through their windows, but as usual the boys were late and there was no one to know, and hell free coffee!!!

So I said ok, ladies and gents say hello to the next six months of coffee!!!!

2) It was my cousin Gab's confirmation last night (It's a church thing) and she asked me to be her sponser, which was so cute, for one night I felt all responsible and stuff...

Then I hung out with her little sister, not so responsibly :)



Saturday, July 26, 2008

See What Happens

When my camera dies?!? Weeks go by and not a single word. Sorry peeps.

Where to start? Painting is finished I finally can sleep in my own room in my very own bed, next I just need the blinds installed again other wise the neighbours are going to start seeing more of me than anyone should ever have to :)

Here is a picture of my brand spanking new wall unit/bookcase things (God bless Ikea and they're cheap cheap prices!) I even managed to put it all together by myself, we'll just skip over the two melt downs, tears and small hole in the wall where I through the screw driver in frustration... hey a girls gotta vent!

And I also went to see Grant the other week. For those of you who don't know Grant is a very dear friend of mine who was in a very very bad work place accident... Four tonnes of heavy metal forklift crushing bones and muscle and insides kind of bad.

That was six (ish) months ago and now he's practically brand new! They said he wouldn't walk and he showed them. He's lost heaps of weight and he needs an aid to walk but he's doing it and he should be outta hospital by October so of course, par-tay!!! Say "Hey" Grant:

But Aside from that lifes been pretty straight, The boys at work are planning on firing our receptionist and asked me if I wanted to go back to it while staying on at a property managers wage. I said yes, dunno why, I hate the profession any way and I guess this way I can spend more time working on other things, like my guitaring etc... Which by the way sucks, I'm thinking of taking up the triangle instead :)

I've also run into a slight stash problem, and not that I have too much, I have too little!!! I'm completely out of sock yarn! So after this is posted, shopping, shopping and more shopping, I love credit cards lol.

Alright I'm off to annoy the cat.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


As promised, painting photos:
Undercoating (and grumpy Helper):

Hey Look Colour!!! :

Wow, almost done man that was quick!!!

And thats where we left off yesterday. Contrary to the photos lack of me I have been painting also, in fact that red wall up there... all me. Well mostly all me. I'm very rpoud of that wall. Of all the walls I believe that is the finest.

It's note finished, it needs another coat and the white skirting boards, picture rails, and architraits (mts) need to be painted, there going to be a deep chocolate brown. Should be nice. I can't believe how red it is... hmmm :)

Too late now! But I like it. I love colour, always have, I can't stand these white walls and souless homes. A House needs personality, it should reflect the lives of those around it. or in it as the case maybe.

Anyway, It's so almost, nearly, finished that I almost didn't go to work today so I could finish the stupid thing! I'm fed up with living in the lounge room, my stuff scattered everywhere... it's hopeless.

Anyway Gotta run, at work and the boss is due back any minute so be good, till next time :)

P.S. need ideas for thank you gift for my dad and little bro. something other than chocolates, suggestions welcomed.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry Bout The Lack Of Posting...

But things have been kinda hectic around here lately.

Someone, definately not me, but SOMEONE rather lacking in wits decided to paint her bedroom. And as much as this person thought she knew what she was doing, and thought it was what she wanted, turns out this person is an idiot and should stick to the things that she does best, which at the moment seems to be freaking out :)

Anywho, pictures later of the room befores and afters, but for now, My room stinks of paint, it's freezing (this is Australia people since when is it that cold!?!) and all of my stuff is thrown together in one big pile and covered in dropsheets so I can't get at anything!!!

Add to that the fact that my "partner" at work has left and I'm now doing TWO peoples jobs (with one persons salary I might add) and babysitting two year olds, and attending guitar lessons, and maintaining the house because Mumma Bear has gone away for the week and no one else around here will get off their fat arses to help out, it's easy to understand how blogging has been kind of lacking this week.

Sorry peeps :) Needed to rant. But I will be back, hopefully with more exciting news

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Accomplished

I feel like I got things done this weekend. I love getting things done. To start things off I mowed the lawns! I know what you're thinking but for me I always feel kinda proud of this. You see when I was just a wee lad... er lass, my dad told me I wasn't allowed to help mow the lawns because I was a girl... grrr.

Now I'm not really one for shows of girl power, or burning bras (that one time was an accident I didn't realise the candles were so close...) but that really got me going when he said that. Cause now I know it was nothing to do with my lack of penis and more to do with eight year olds, fast rotating blades and parental concern.

So I did the front and back yards and was able to sit back drink my coffee and smile stupidly at my family who wondered what the hell had gotten into me as I was doing manual labor, on my day off and everything!!!

But after that Mum and I took a trip to the local spotlight for some yarn stock up. While there I found the coolest fabric that I had to have! I'm not usually one for sewing. I've made a crappy tie dyed shirt and a skirt which was really made by my gran but I cut the fabric :) any who, brought the stuff home and I made these fabulous curtains:

and up close

How cool is that?

Then cause I was board, I spent a couple of hours, watching dvd's on my computer and spinning the merino roving I bought a couple of weeks ago:

And I got a visit from my best-est friend and her chicklet, who apparently doesn't like sharing her cookies

But I always love a weekend where I feel like I've done stuff...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One down, one to go.

My first attempt at anklet socks, the edging keeps curling up on me but I think thats the pattern rather than my mediocre knitting skills :)

I love socks, they're quick and easy.

Aside from them I'm having a knitting block. Kind of like a writers block, where no matter how many times I rummage through my stash, or peruse my piles of patterns, I still have nothing to knit.

It's awful, I think I need to take a trip to the local yarn store and stock up some more...

Anyways as I was saying this is the Flame Wave socks pattern from Favorite Socks done in a really pretty yarn my mum bought for me which I have lost the tag for. (soz)

Already got the second sock on the needles, half way through the first pattern repeat. Should be finished in another day or so, depending on how much knitting I can get away with at work before the boss gets grumpy.

Friday, June 13, 2008

What A Weekend

Firstly I'd like to introduce my new found friend Bert, Say Hello Bert:

I bought him a
few days ago
to go with Menolly

Hopefully together they will make sweet sweet (somewhat rock n rolling) music... maybe one day, after a bit more practice lol.

And in case any of you are wondering how I spent my long weekend, aside from work on Saturday I spent most of the time cleaning up this:

Oh what an exciting life we lead...

Well I'm off to find me a band and work on those rocking skills

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What strange and wonderous things...

Wow, my first post. This feels like it should be a momentous occasion. Like i should reveal my cure for cancer (stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating, stop going outside, stop breathing...) or unleash my thesis entitled, David Bowie, a revolutionary music God.

Hmm let's see... well I did discover a shockingly bad formula this morning :

me - coffee = very, very bad things!

But thankfully the coffee shortage of 2008 is now ended and I am happily over-caffeinated and enjoying a quiet Saturday (at work) blogging instead of working and thinking of all the other things I could be doing.

Luckily for me I have an over active imagination so thinking of doing things is almost as good as actually doing them, but without all that effort nonsense.

Now all I need is a handsome man standing nearby with a giant palm fan and some champagne.

Well enough for my first post, I will leave you with a picture of my darling Oscar (named after Oscar the grouch as we found him out the back with the garbage as a kitten). Isn't he adorable?