Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love Brithdays

Actually that's a lie, I hate birthdays, I always feel so uncomfortable with everyone calling and stopping to talk to me when they normally would give me the time of day, and all these people acting like they give a rats arse if you have a good day!

But luckily for me I was comatose this year, yup I organised for two days off work so I could go away on a trip or something, and the day before my birthday I come down with something (we're not sure what as test results came back clear so I must have been faking it) But for five days, I could not get out of bed, I didn't eat, I didn't even sit up in bed and knit, I was dead to the world.

So I slept through my birthday, but when I woke up there were several cards waiting for me with money in them and I knew straight away what I was spending it on!

Pretty huh? Theres this awesome little yarn shop down at Bowral aptly named wool addiction. So I went down there and spent all of my birthday money (and then some).

Cause you see I figure this recession that's hitting the world, while it's not really hit Australia too hard just yet, it's only a matter of time before things start crumbling. And woe is me I've only been a working knitter for a few years, so my stash may not be enough to ride out these times of financial crisis. So I have to start stockpiling and preparing just in case things get rough and I'm not able to buy more wool for a while.

So I get home and take out my stash and start organising when it hits me I really have nothing to worry about...