Saturday, July 26, 2008

See What Happens

When my camera dies?!? Weeks go by and not a single word. Sorry peeps.

Where to start? Painting is finished I finally can sleep in my own room in my very own bed, next I just need the blinds installed again other wise the neighbours are going to start seeing more of me than anyone should ever have to :)

Here is a picture of my brand spanking new wall unit/bookcase things (God bless Ikea and they're cheap cheap prices!) I even managed to put it all together by myself, we'll just skip over the two melt downs, tears and small hole in the wall where I through the screw driver in frustration... hey a girls gotta vent!

And I also went to see Grant the other week. For those of you who don't know Grant is a very dear friend of mine who was in a very very bad work place accident... Four tonnes of heavy metal forklift crushing bones and muscle and insides kind of bad.

That was six (ish) months ago and now he's practically brand new! They said he wouldn't walk and he showed them. He's lost heaps of weight and he needs an aid to walk but he's doing it and he should be outta hospital by October so of course, par-tay!!! Say "Hey" Grant:

But Aside from that lifes been pretty straight, The boys at work are planning on firing our receptionist and asked me if I wanted to go back to it while staying on at a property managers wage. I said yes, dunno why, I hate the profession any way and I guess this way I can spend more time working on other things, like my guitaring etc... Which by the way sucks, I'm thinking of taking up the triangle instead :)

I've also run into a slight stash problem, and not that I have too much, I have too little!!! I'm completely out of sock yarn! So after this is posted, shopping, shopping and more shopping, I love credit cards lol.

Alright I'm off to annoy the cat.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


As promised, painting photos:
Undercoating (and grumpy Helper):

Hey Look Colour!!! :

Wow, almost done man that was quick!!!

And thats where we left off yesterday. Contrary to the photos lack of me I have been painting also, in fact that red wall up there... all me. Well mostly all me. I'm very rpoud of that wall. Of all the walls I believe that is the finest.

It's note finished, it needs another coat and the white skirting boards, picture rails, and architraits (mts) need to be painted, there going to be a deep chocolate brown. Should be nice. I can't believe how red it is... hmmm :)

Too late now! But I like it. I love colour, always have, I can't stand these white walls and souless homes. A House needs personality, it should reflect the lives of those around it. or in it as the case maybe.

Anyway, It's so almost, nearly, finished that I almost didn't go to work today so I could finish the stupid thing! I'm fed up with living in the lounge room, my stuff scattered everywhere... it's hopeless.

Anyway Gotta run, at work and the boss is due back any minute so be good, till next time :)

P.S. need ideas for thank you gift for my dad and little bro. something other than chocolates, suggestions welcomed.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry Bout The Lack Of Posting...

But things have been kinda hectic around here lately.

Someone, definately not me, but SOMEONE rather lacking in wits decided to paint her bedroom. And as much as this person thought she knew what she was doing, and thought it was what she wanted, turns out this person is an idiot and should stick to the things that she does best, which at the moment seems to be freaking out :)

Anywho, pictures later of the room befores and afters, but for now, My room stinks of paint, it's freezing (this is Australia people since when is it that cold!?!) and all of my stuff is thrown together in one big pile and covered in dropsheets so I can't get at anything!!!

Add to that the fact that my "partner" at work has left and I'm now doing TWO peoples jobs (with one persons salary I might add) and babysitting two year olds, and attending guitar lessons, and maintaining the house because Mumma Bear has gone away for the week and no one else around here will get off their fat arses to help out, it's easy to understand how blogging has been kind of lacking this week.

Sorry peeps :) Needed to rant. But I will be back, hopefully with more exciting news