Monday, January 11, 2010

Well Now That Was A Bust...52

I thought the first week of my new "leash on life" would be easy, I started a new career HELLO?!?! Can you say exciting? Except of course it wasn't, the job was fine, the people were fine, everything was fine, except me.

I woke up on Tuesday and felt a little depressed and anxious. Wednesday I was near hysterical, thursday I had off because my doctor told me to, and by Friday morning I was in my car hiding out and frantically trying to tell them "I Quit" while choking on tears.

So my first week was a bust, I'm now unemployed with no foreseeable end to that unemployment. I've haven't been like this in seven years, I've always had a plan, and now I don't know what to do except see the psychologist on Wednesday that the doctor referred me to.

And if worse comes to worse at least I'll have a little padded cell of my own...

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