Friday, April 3, 2009

News From The Front Line

It feels like I've been fighting a war lately... for the past three-ish years I've taken a sort of hiatus from society. I couldn't be bothered with it any more. Now suddenly I can't get away!

I've got Work, and Uni (assignments! I've never done assignments before, in high school I never bothered with them now I've got one due every week for the next five weeks!) Rehearsals, for the production of the musical Miss Saigon (I'm a chorus girl lol) Guitar lessons and practice, Tuesday was The Who concert, next Tuesday is presentation night for the Royal Easter Show to which I submitted a beautiful (if I do say so myself) hand spun and knit shawl which I'm sure is going to take first place (confidence)....

*sighs* the lise just goes on, I don't have time to scratch myself and half the time I do not know what I am doing, so this afternoon my plans are simple. Close the door, dim the lights, pop the champagne and get roaring drunk while watching chick flicks and eating chocolate :)


gemma said...

not to mention delicious Chinese food.


Elizabeth said...