Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wow Two Posts In One Week... Lucky You

So just a quick one cause its late and I have to get up early tomorrow to study, tonight (before rehearsals but after guitar lessons sheesh!) I was lucky enough to attend the Royal Easter Shows Arts Preview night so below are a few pics with brief descriptions for your viewing amusement:
Catherine's embroidery/cross stitch

Randomn persons porcelain doll exhibit with traveling spinning wheel (soo cute)

Random Persons Cake Exhibit (yes thats right cake, you could eat that!)

The twirling thing across the photo is mum's hand spun scarf and the white bow looking thing is her ribbon for third place (yay mum!)

And this would be my shawl hand spun and then knitted and the red ribbon is "Highly Commended" which apparently means I came fourth yay me too!!!

Mind you this is the first time any of us submitted things to this show so getting ribbons is pretty darn cool. Was just hoping it would make it on display! lol!

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