Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay so admittedly it has been a while since I posted anything here, but in my defense I am spending most of my non blogging time running around like a wool-less sheep in winter!!!!

Firstly can I just say that working full time and studying full time, was/is/ may possibly always be a stupid idea... I feel tired all the time, I'm up until late every night, (and yes I know that to some people 11:30pm is not necessarily late but let me just state that I was never one of those party all night gals, and that's late enough for me :( )

Secondly rehearsals for the Bankstown Theatrical Society's production of Miss Saigon, are well and truly in swing, (if you're in town come along and if you have 15 friends you can drag with you you'll get discounted tickets!) But of course rehearsals seem remarkably well timed to correspond with the due dates of my assignments, I sense some evil demi-goddess trickery afoot with that one.

And finally guitar lessons have taken a turn for the worse, with half hour discussions on music theory and complex almost math like equations of music notes and their corresponding somthings that make something equal something else that then makes my head pop and my ears start to bleed :( I swear musicians make things difficult just for the sake of being difficult.

So all in all, while it's been a month since you heard from me, you haven't missed much except for a half naked sheep running around frantically and banging it's head into walls repeatedly... And with that lovely imagery till next month :)

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